Reading Sexuality News and Media With Open Eyes

March 14, 2017

Sexuality concerns and problems are hot topics in media and print right now. One of the challenges that you face is sorting through the problematic information, and that which is helpful or edifying to your life and needs. I'm happy to help my clients do that, but I'm clearly there with you when you're scouring the internet at odd times, because you know, boundaries.   So here's a few ideas. 


1) Check the source: what are there credentials? Are they current and up to date? Do others find their work to be clinically sound or peer-reviewed and statically significant?

2) If research is cited, do they link to or cite the specific study? If so, read the actual study to get the real story. 

2) Read the whole article, look for nuances beyond the heading or buzz words. Where does this idea presented sit in the current political/ global/ local perspective? 

3) Ask questions, check your own responses and share it with others if you're experiencing uncertainly 

4) Do the ideas presented resonate with your view of the world, your values and beliefs? If not, are these areas you're open to exploring? 

5) What other perspectives are there? 


Use this post as an example. I was asked to comment on this topic, and they included my words. But they also included a lot of content that is not clinically supported or recommended. This teaches me to write my own content entirely, but also to encourage readers to see all the perspectives, as well as the motivating factors. Those who struggle with managing masturbation habits, or who have concerns about partner's habits, look for health problems, reasons for the habit, or inability to stop. They need an explanation, a way to structure this complex topic. But shame and abstinence are approaches that only lead to more marital stress, disconnection, and sexual frustration. 


So your takeaways from my words would be: masturbation is great, but look at the whole person to understand times it might be problematic. It will not cause harm to your health, despite the misleading title, but instead should be approached and understood, shame free. 


Ultimately, the goal is to get the best info you can, and not waste your time combing through all the garbage out there. If you stick with credible sources you're going to have more success, but still check the authors and the people they quote, they aren't all as trustworthy as me.



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