We treat individuals, couples and groupings, with a focus on marginalized communities including queer, kinky, non-monogomous, and sexually diverse folks. We also specialize in supporting sex workers, and those in sexuality related industries as well. 

We provide: Sex Worker Advocacy, Mental Health, Sexual Assault and Sexual Pleasure Support.

Queer, Kink and Non-Monogamy




We have direct experience in queer (LGBTQIPA), kink/fetish, lifestyle, non-binary, ethical non-monogamous

diverse communities, serving in a variety of different functions. We've seen first hand how tough it is to get help when you face prejudice, ostracization, lack of understanding of your identity or your expression.


We're your safe, supportive outlet.


Sex Therapy can treat a complex array of individuals and couples, in any type of relationship configuration, to address concerns related to healing past wounds, cultural differences, communication, jealousy, meeting different needs, dynamics and roles, and sexual desire fulfillment.


Gender Identity and Gender Non-Conformity



Gender is non-binary and more fluid than most of the world acknowledges. Managing the dysphoria, social and cultural impact of being non-binary or a gender different from what was assigned early on, can be incredibly distressing. The emotional and psychological impact is well documented, and a testament to the vast need for support. We're here for you to address accompanying mental health needs, support through HT and/or surgery, creating a support system and managing the transition of self. We practice in accordance with WPATH standards of care to ensure ethical and appropriate care throughout. 

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