Services Offered:

Healing Intersections

Healing Intersections was created because of the lack of support for Marginalized individuals.

We have expanded HI to be it's own company. Where we are specifically doing work to support Sex workers as well as Sexual Assault Survivors.Head over to HI website to find out more about the offereings.

We provide a unique, grounded and direct perspective as individuals who are survivors, allies, and community members ourselves. We seek to provide a voice in areas of historical marginalization, oppression, and shame., shining a light where there was only darkness. We can provide coaching, consulting, or training on the following topics: 

  • Sexual Assault: Individual trauma, partner or community response, organizational healing

  • Sex worker rights, maximizing health and well-being 

  • Diverse Sexual Expression, Kink/ BDSM: structuring dynamics, managing violations and creating organizations firmly rooted in intersectional awareness consent culture 

  • Non-Monogamy: Relationship structures, managing conflict and community development

  • Intersectionality: Race, Gender, Class, Ability, and other identity related factors which impact individual and organizational functioning 

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5510 N Commercial Ave. Portland, OR 97217