About Elizabeth Knutsen MSW

I am a masters level social worker completing certification as a licensed clinical social worker in Oregon. I have spent my career working in both Illinois and Oregon. I have developed my skills of empathy working with domestic violence survivors and geriatric populations. 


My approach to therapy is creating a safe space for you to be your authentic self. I'm not interested in changing you but rather allowing you to sit with yourself and hone in on what truly makes you, you. My clinical focus is working with sex workers and those in sexual fringe populations. In our work together know that I will never shame you for the ways you navigate this capitalistic world. I seek to build a space with you that makes you feel seen and where you can feel your work is not only legitimized but celebrated when you want it to be. 


I acknowledge the privilege I receive from the color of my skin and cis female identity. I seek to actively dismantle my privilege and am always open to feedback from those whose life experiences are different from mine. 


I look forward to building a community of support, nurturing, and sharing together. 

5510 N Commercial Ave. Portland, OR 97217