Keely Helmick LPC 

Keely C Helmick is a licensed professional counselor, LPC and LMFT Supervisor, CADCI and Lewis and Clark Alumni.  Keely is a relationship, gender and sexuality counselor in Private Practice in Portland Oregon.  She has been working with folks individually and in relationships for over 12-years to address a myriad of personal, sexual concerns in a sex-positive, non-judgmental way.  Keely specializes in work with the LGBTQ+ community to provide inclusive mental health care for all folks.


Along with her counseling practice Keely co-hosts a podcast Hearts and Other Sex Parts providing a platform for community members and guests to talk about all things relationships and sex.


Last year Keely had the opportunity to be part of a forum in Salem to address the inequity of mental health and substance abuse treatment for LGBTQ+ Oregonians.    She also co-wrote an article on the same topic for the Statesmen Journal.


Therapy specialties and goals


As we all know there is a lot of shame and stigma around sex.  Not to mention the lack of education, especially inclusive sex education.  In the years of counseling I have seen the affects of lack of education, misinformation and suppression of healthy sexual discussion and expression.  People want to talk about sex and either don’t have the language to have the discussion, or are hindered by misinformation, trauma, embarrassment or lack of self-awareness and understanding. My practice lens is intersectional, anti oppression and de-colonization oriented. I specialize in treating marginalized identities including LGBTQIPA+ all sex and gender diverse clients, kinky or non-monogamous folks, sex workers and sexual trauma survivors. My goal is to create a space where individuals, groups, and communities can learn and grow, overcoming systemic barriers to accurate sexual health information, trauma healing, and shame free pleasure based support. 


Along with therapeutic support and treatment I also provide supervision to LMFT and LPC interns working towards licensure.

5510 N Commercial Ave. Portland, OR 97217