Your team for creating connection, building pathways to healing, and cultivating pleasure on your terms. 

You've taken a huge step in reaching out for help, and you found a rad team to be in your corner as you seek sex or trauma therapy, or support as a marginalized person navigating complex needs.


Sex positivity, activism and an intersectional perspective drive our values in work with clients. As a team, we are predominantly queer, exceptionally sex-positive in our own lives, and seeking our fullest expression as humans and professionals. While we can treat anyone with sexuality or trauma related needs, the clients we specialize in include: 

-Queer and gender non-conforming folks of all varieties

-Kinky/ Fetish/ Pro-Dom(me)'s and lifestyle members

-Sex Workers of all types, including dancers 

-Non-monogamous and open indviduals and couples of all varieties

-Sexual assault survivors including sex trafficking survivors

-Folks dealing with the impact of oppression, racism, transphobia, heterosexism, mononormative hate, or whorephobia. 

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It's a spectrum of expressions, interactions with self and other, making for a stupendous, yet sometimes confusing and scary area of life.

Let's dive in together.


Finding Your Sexual Self

Some of the most common problems in relationships include the desire gap (differences in arousal) and the orgasm gap (differences in achieving climax). I can support you in understanding who you, and potentially your partners, are in terms of sexual expression, past experiences, incompatibilities, desires and arousal. This can include healing past sexual trauma from assault or early abuse, repairing relationship wounds, and creating trust to feel safe tapping into your sexual self. Breaking the mold of who you're supposed to be as a sexual person frees up the opportunity to be who you are, whatever that is.


We share community with, and support individuals of diverse identities including but not limited to those who are queer, kinky, non-monogamous, non-binary/ trans/ gender non-conforming, and sex workers. 

Trauma and Mental Health Concerns 

Sexuality does not exist in a vacuum, on the contrary it's highly impacted by early life experiences, family values, attitudes, and exposure to sexual expression. In particular, the impact of trauma or negative early sexual experiences can derail attempts to connect and enjoy sexual feelings or contact in the future.  Trauma can impact your relationships because it disrupts your neural networks which communicate what safety is, when you can relax, and what touch is pleasurable versus harmful. When you're ready, those other psychological factors such as OCD, depression, anxiety, in addition to those complex trauma symptoms are explored as a part of treatment. Digging into your past experiences as well as other mental health concerns allows therapy to bring about healing across all the domains of well-being, and ultimately provide reduced activation and better symptom management while improving relationship connections. 

Connective Therapy Services would love to connect and get to know you! If you're looking to book a session or ask us a question, send us a message tou our confidential encrypted system here. 

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